Connor Summers Gallery Fine Art & Custom Framing

Archival excellence in custom frame design.


We begin the process of creating a beautiful and striking presentation for your artwork, family portrait or heirloom with a couple of important things in mind: conservation, and preservation. No matter what it is that you've decided to frame and find some wall space for, you want it to last a lifetime and remain undamaged by its environment and the materials you've chosen with which to display it.


For that reason, at Connor Summers Gallery, our focus is on the use of archival materials. Our mounting and matting boards are all acid free. Many are made from 100% cotton rag; all are buffered ph neutral to protect your artwork from the damaging effect of pigment dies and bleaches commonly used in paper made products.



The adhesives we use are all 100% ph(acid) neutral, and wood frames are lined when necessary to prevent them from leaching wood toxins into your artwork.


The care and thoughtfulness with which we'll help you prepare your art/heirloom is unparalleled. We don't just want to frame your piece; we want you to enjoy it for a lifetime, and potentially, for generations to come. We pride ourselves in creating something special. Our shadowboxes are uniquely well known north of Boston. Our needlepoint creations are careful and cognizant of the meticulous nature of that particular form of creativity.


Our frame samples, in general, are by far the most diverse and interesting on the North Shore.



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